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FileMaker Go is here and we're ready to build custom iPhone and iPad solutions for you. It's time to go mobile.

Custom Programming

We begin with requirements gathering to evaluate your business and user goals. We identify the workflow processes and functionality that will best serve your entire organization or workgroup. This “whole systems” approach provides an understanding of what is most pressing and urgent, balanced with what is required and important—promoting a design that meets your company's current needs while preparing a solid foundation for its future.

UI Design Services

Providing a mockup of your identified requirements early in the process allows your end-users to experience the features, functionality and workflow before committing to the final design. Users have the ability to influence the final look, feel and workflow of the software at different stages of the process (early corrections make a big difference in the cost and performance of the final product).

Credit Card Processing

We are well-versed in the APIs of the most popular payment gateways, the ins-and-outs of merchant accounts and (most importantly) why you need to earn the lowest possible transaction rates when processing payments by credit card. Once integrated into your solution, the click of a button or the swipe of a credit card will send your payment transaction to the payment gateway and will return the payment approval response immediately.

Barcode Scanning

Would your business profit by adding barcode reading and printing? Your employees can collect data and find stored information more quickly by using a barcode scanner than with manual data entry. You can eliminate data-entry errors and automate repetitive processes. Most businesses discover that implementing barcoding into their solution pays for itself with the first few uses.

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