FileMaker Credit Card
Processing & Integration


Credit Card Processing

Process credit card sales, pre-authorizations, delayed captures, credits and voids directly from Your FileMaker solution!

Put Money Back in Your Pocket!

Save money and time when you process your clients' credit card payments, eChecks or refunds directly from your FileMaker solution! Lower your transaction fees by adding Address Verification and Card Code Verification and earn the lowest possible transaction rates when processing credit card payments by using a swipe machine/credit card reader and sending the card swipe data directly from your FileMaker Pro solution!

Credit Card Plug-In Integration

Authorize.Net. PayPal, PayFlow Pro, Sage, SecPay... eAuthorize, Plastic, iPost... card present, card not present... So many choices; it can be confusing. Not to worry, we're experts at integrating credit card processing into FileMaker Pro. Got questions? Give us a call!

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