FileMaker Barcode
Scanning & Integration


Barcode Scanning

Provide value-added services to your customers, improve inventory accuracy and help your employees be more productive.

Why Should You Consider Barcoding?

Faster, error-free data entry, increased productivity, better document tracking, reduced inventory costs, increased sales—these benefits are within the reach of any business with the wave of a... scanner. Bar codes are used in manufacturing, time control, security access, in grocery stores, hospitals and more! Today, barcodes are used just about everywhere. Barcoding should be considered whenever there is a need to accurately identify or track something.

Adding Barcoding to Your Existing Solution

Your existing FileMaker solution can support barcoding with very little modification. It's fairly easy to integrate barcoding into FileMaker Pro forms and reports without decreasing database performance. You can generate and print your own barcode labels or use pre-printed barcodes. Sales and inventory tracking, shipping and receiving and field employee monitoring are just a few examples of how barcode technology can be used in an organization keep an eye on the bottom line. The technology’s use is virtually unlimited. No doubt, there is a home for it in your organization.

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